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The Game of Heroic Adventure

MYTHGARDIA is the creation of Bob Harris, designer of the legendary TALISMAN fantasy board game. Talisman was first published in the 1980s by Games Workshop and sold all over the world. Bob created the original version of Mythgardia as a follow up, and it was signed up to be published by Games Workshop also. Over the next few years, however, the company changed direction. The game was never published and all rights reverted to the designer, who was now busy building a career as an author.

Talisman has recently been released in a lavish new addition by Fantasy Flight Games, who are supporting the classic game with a range of expansions.

Bob decided this time to go ahead and publish Mythgardia himself with the help of a few friends and a local printer. The first run of 100 special collectorís edition copies sold out in a few weeks.


MYTHGARDIA is set in a world made up of five Realms, each with its own distinct mythos. Players take on the roles of specific characters and go in search of fabulous Crystal Treasures, attempting to get them to safety and out of the hands of the gameís villain, the evil JíCabe, whose minions are always in pursuit.

As they move around the game map, players draw Legend Cards, which can mean an encounter with Frost Giants, or having to tip-toe through a harem. Success in these adventures is achieved by rolling dice and adding points for helpful Companions and useful Items of Equipment. You can also spend some of your precious Luck Points to influence the outcome.

Characters also acquire Event Cards, which allow them to influence the game in various ways, from moving across the board in a sudden burst of speed, to taking Items or Companions from other players.

Many opportunities arise for players to challenge each other for possession of the crystals, and delivering them to one of the three Sanctuaries is never easy.

Victory goes to the first player to deliver three Crystal Treasures.

The game gives a more detailed description of the components.


MYTHGARDIA is a world of legends, magic and mighty heroes. Many centuries ago the Five Realms of Mythgardia were ruled by a race of powerful sorcerers who channeled their magic through mystic crystals. Greed and envy eventually caused the sorcerers to turn on each other and their empire was destroyed in a terrible civil war.

From the ruins of that fallen empire new kingdoms gradually arose and the powers of magic were slowly rediscovered. Legend told of how the mystic crystals had been concealed in secret places across the world, waiting for the day when they would be reclaimed and their ancient powers renewed.

Realising how dangerous these lost treasures could be, the Wizards of the Order of Light established three Sanctuaries where such sorcerous items could be kept out of the wrong hands. Above all they wanted to keep them from the arch-warlock JíCabe, the fiend who sought to make himself absolute ruler of Mythgardia. The wizards sent word to the greatest heroes of the Five Realms to seek out the lost crystal treasures and deliver them to the Sanctuaries before they fell into the clutches of the evil JíCabe.

Now you are one of those heroes, but can you prove that you are the greatest? To do so you must find the clues that will lead you to the crystal treasures and be the first to deliver three of them to the Wizards of Light. Many obstacles stand in your way: fearsome monsters, capricious gods and the ruthless minions of JíCabe. Each encounter gives you the opportunity to create your own legend, a legend which will carry on down the centuries. So strap on your sword, gather your companions and prepare for the quest!