Bob proudly reveals the Mythgardia boxed set

About Bob Harris

Robert (Bob) Harris was born in Dundee, Scotland. He grew up making comics and games and writing stories. He was a postgraduate student at St Andrews University when he designed his first commercial board game, Talisman.

First released by Games Workshop in 1983, Talisman quickly became a global phenomenon, being published in virtually every corner of the world. A regular winner at the annual Games Day awards, it is regarded by many as the greatest ever fantasy board game and has even been classed as one of the top ten games of all time.

Fantasy Flight Games now publish Talisman in a lavish 4th edition and are supporting it with a spectacular range of expansions. Bob judged this the right time for him to publish his long lost follow up game, Mythgardia.

Married to American author Deborah Turner Harris, Bob has published an array of novels and short stories, both solo and in collaboration with fellow writer Jane Yolen. He has also written comedy for BBC Radio and does occasional work as a professional role-player.