The main characters

Murder at Mystery Manor

A Role-Playing Card Game designed by Bob Harris, the creator of TALISMAN and MYTHGARDIA


In 1931 a novel was published called ‘The Floating Admiral.’ This was a collaborative detective novel written by 14 members of the Detective Club, including Agatha Christie, G.K. Chesterton, Dorothy L. Sayers, Ronald Knox and others. Each wrote one chapter, the next author would write the following chapter, and so on, each providing their own clues and twists in the tale.

‘Murder at Mystery Manor’ was created so we could spend a fun hour or two doing much the same thing. The cards and rules provide a framework while the imagination of the players does the rest. Print off the following and you’re ready to play:

  1. Rules of Play
  2. Card Instructions
  3. Guest Cards (22)
  4. Investigation Cards (73)

Plus extracts from the notebook of Philip Spade, author and detective, which give you an idea of how the game plays out in practice.

You’ll probably want some sheets and paper and pencils to take notes as you go. Cast suspicion on the other Guests. Take the mystery in an unexpected direction. Who knows? Perhaps YOU are the killer!

Many thanks to Gregg Taylor and the gang at Decoder Ring Theatre, who allowed us to use their gallery of photographs to put faces on the Guests. You can see them all in this album.

Visit Decoder Ring Theater and thrill to the hard-boiled tales of Black Jack Justice and the two-fisted adventures of the Red Panda. You’ll be glad you did.